The EU Framework VI SCIEnce Project






Computer World

Scientific and technological development is essential for the smooth functioning of industrialised countries like the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the candidates for EU membership. In particular, it contributes to growth and employment, to the protection of consumers and the environment, to greater competitiveness and to resolving the big issues facing society (ageing populations, globalisation, climate change, etc.).

Our Focus

The programme includes a number of specific activities covering a wider field of research.

For life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health, our aim will be to help Europe exploit research in the field of genomes of living organisms, particularly to help improve public health, and to increase the competitiveness of the European biotechnology industry. The budget for this priority is 2.255 billion.

As for information society technologies, the aim will be to stimulate the development of hardware and software technologies, and of applications to allow European citizens to benefit fully from the development of the knowledge-based society. This priority has been allocated a budget of 3.625 billion.

As regards nanotechnologies, intelligent materials and new production processes, the goal will be to help stakeholders to secure the wherewithal to develop and exploit research into supramolecular architecture and macromolecules and their applications for chemistry, health, etc. The priority has a budget of 1.3 billion.

Work on aeronautics and space will be geared to strengthening the scientific and technological bases of the European aeronautics and space industry with a view to improving safety and environmental protection. The relevant budget comes to 1.075 billion.

Latest News
On food safety and risks to health, we aim  to establish the scientific and technological basis for producing and distributing safer, healthier and more varied food. The budget for this priority has been set at 685 million.
Research infrastructures funding ,will now amount to 655 million. This will be sponsored by a variety of private sector companies including, GlaxoSmithkline, do more, feel better, live longer; BP, Samara James , specialists in engagement rings and video productions on buying diamonds.